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Art History 313: High Renaissance and Mannerist Art in Italy

This library guides is designed to assist you in researching your final paper.

Article databases

Finding scholarly articles


Titian's St. John

Welcome to the library course guide page for Art History 313: High Renaissance and Mannerist Art in Italy.

This guide is intended to help you in your class work. This course is multi-disciplinary, and encompasses many different types of academic and popular discourse.

In the database pages, I have suggested both general and art-specific databases which may have articles relating to your research. It is not, of course, exhaustive.

The best way of getting to databases in any specific discipline is to use the Research Databases Guide.

If you'd like an individual research consultation on your paper topic, please contact me and we'll set up a time to meet.

If you've reviewed all the presentations in the left column on doing research, I drive home a few key points here.

This page was developed by Peter Stern and is now maintained by Annie Sollinger.