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Course guide for NatSci 190IH

Citation Management

To keep track of what you read, use a citation manager.

The library has guides (like this one) for RefWorks and Zotero

If you need help with Zotero, most librarians here won't be expert at it, but we know RefWorks well.

OVERVIEW: Finding information in articles

Step-by-step Process - Keywords are the KEY!

  1. Pick a topic or problem to research.
    Writing it down helps you refine it, and find keywords.

  2. Pick a database to search in, and run your search using these keywords. 
    Note: Some databases contain full text of articles, some just list citations/abstracts.

  3. Refine your search: Look in your results for other keywords to improve your search. Repeat until you find the articles or information that you need. Or, ask a librarian for help!

  4. Select articles to read. Keep track of the references you select in a citation manager like Zotero or RefWorks. See box at right for help.

  5. Locate the articles themselves and READ them.
    If the full text is not immediately available, it may still be in the library's collections. Use the red UMLinks button:

    UMLinks to find the articles themselves.

  6. Take notes so you can remember what you read about, and where you read it. Writing also helps you integrate what you read.
    Some citation managers allow you to do this in the record for the article, keeping it all together. Very useful!



Questions? Ask a Librarian

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