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Herbs, Spices, Medicinal Plants, Herbal Medicine

PLSOILIN 280 - Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants / PLSOILIN 297D - ST-Traditional Herbal Medicine Systems / PLNTSOIL 596D - IS-Medicinal Plants

Safe citing

Know the source of your information - for 2 reasons:

1. To see if  the source is trustworthy and appropriate - especially critical for a controversial subject.

2. To cite the source - If using someone else's words or ideas, you must give credit

Include enough information in your citation so another person can find it.  There are many standard formats (APA, MLA, Chicago, e.g.).  Ask your professor which one to use.

If you need help with any of this, please feel free to ask me!

Library Basics


Use the tabs above to find information about this topic from published articles and books, and from websites. 

Use the links below for help getting started with library research.

Please feel free to contact me for help.