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Course Guides - UMass library resources for specific courses and assignments

Library Course Guides list the best library resources for a specific assignment. Guides are arranged by department, then by SPIRE course number. For help, find your librarian in the Librarian Photo Bar or the Directory of UMass Librarians. For major projects, submit a consultation request. To stay up-to-date about library events and collections, Friend the Library:

 Liz Fitzpatrick: Antro - Comm - CompLit Paulina Borrego Sarah Hutton Sharon Domier

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Course Guides - by Academic Department and SPIRE Course Number

Afro-American Studies
ENGLISH 499C/D-2: Becoming Animal Microbiology
AFROAM 117: Survey of African American Literature 1 ENGLISH 891: African Am. Women Playwrights MICROBIO 360: Writing for Microbiology
AFROAM 133: Afro-Am History, Civil War to 1954
English as a Second Language
Music & Dance
AFROAM 170: Minority Experience American Life ESL 130: Advanced Composition DANCE 287: Rhythmic Analysis - Dancer's
AFROAM 188: Intro to African American Literature Environmental Conservation MUSIC 595J: History of Jazz
AFROAM 236: History of the Civil Rights Movement NRC 409: Nat. Resource Policy & Administration Native American Indian Studies
AFROAM 331: Life & Writings of W.E.B. Du Bois NRC 564: Wildlife Habitat Management ANTHRO 270: North American Indians
AFROAM 365: Composition: Style & Organization NRC 571: Fisheries Science & Management HONORS 392X: Visions Revisions
AFROAM 491C: Cuba - A Social History NRC 597F: Conservation Genetics HONORS 499C: Violence Against Indigenous
AFROAM 652/234: Literature of the Harlem French Studies Natural Sciences, College of
AFROAM 691C: Historiographical Methods FRENCHST 303: Writing on Language NATSCI 190: Icons I: Global Challenge
AFROAM 692G: African Am. Women's Narrative History NATSCI 397A: Professional Writing
AFROAM 753/290: The Blues HISTORY 151: American Civilization Since 1876 Nursing
AFROAM 797: African Americans, Abolish Slavery HISTORY 242H: American Family in History NURSING 312: Cultural Diversity: Health/Illness
HISTORY 593: African Americans Antebellum NE HISTORY 315: The Russian Empire Philosophy
HISTORY 317: The Russian Revolution PHIL 394A: Action Theory
ANTHRO 220: Intro. to Native American Studies HISTORY 331: English History - 17th Century Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences
ANTHRO 270: North American Indians HISTORY 341: The Ottoman Empire PLSOILIN 126: Insects and Human Society
ANTHRO 271: Human Evolution HISTORY 346: Twentieth-Century China PLSOILIN 280: Herbs, Spices, Medicinal Plants
ANTHRO 364: Problems in Anthropology HISTORY 393RM: History of Medicine PLSOILIN 297D: Traditional Herbal Medicine
ANTHRO 497I: Lang. Revival, Cultural Politics HISTORY 394DH: Dictators in Latin America PLSOILIN 380: Technical Writing
Architecture and Design HISTORY 497/697: History of Popular Science PLSOILIN 397C: Community Food Systems
ARCH-DES 541: Analysis & Representation II HISTORY 591: History Writing PLSOILIN 397M: Marketing for Green Industry
ARCH-DES 597: Researching Historic Structures HISTORY 591T: Trials in History PLSOILIN 596D: Medicinal Plants
ARCH-DES 670: Research Forum HISTORY 592A: The Scramble for Africa Political Science
Art History
HISTORY 593: African Americans, Antebellum NE POLISCI 250: Citizenship in the Nuclear Age
ART-HIST 190A: Art, History, Environment HISTORY 593M: Mexican Expulsions in the U.S. POLISCI 253: International Environmental Politics
ART-HIST 313: High Renaissance - Mannerist Art HISTORY 593S: The Spanish Civil War POLISCI 255: American Foreign Policy
ART-HIST 370: Junior Year Writing - Caravaggio  HISTORY 594Z: Black Women’s Activism POLISCI 354: International Relations
ART-HIST 391B: Death in the Roman Empire Hospitality & Tourism Management POLISCI 356: International Law
Biochemistry HT-MGT 419: Gaming and Social Policy POLISCI 397M: Is Democracy Possible?
BIOCHEM 295/420/491H: Proteins HT-MGT 693A: Hospitality Financial Management Regional Planning
Building & Construction Technology Japanese REGIONPL 591G: Housing & Public Health
BCT 597P: Project Mgmt. - Design & Construction JAPANESE 497A: Readings - Modern Japanese I School of Management
Civil & Environmental Engineering JAPANESE 497C: Readings - Modern Japanese II SCH-MGMT 310: Management Communication
CEE 490A Sustainable Design JAPANESE 499C: The Samurai SCH-MGMT 310: Professor Johnson
CEE ENGIN697: Sustainable Transportation JAPANESE 536: Advanced Modern Japanese SCH-MGMT 317: Sport Mgmt. Communication
Classics Journalism SCH-MGMT 499/689: Business Strategy
CLASSICS 202: The Age of Augustus JOURNAL 391T: Travel Writing SCH-MGMT 591S: Stock & Investment Strategy
College Writing Judaic & Near Eastern Studies SCH-MGMT 597B: Technology Management
ENGLISH 112: College Writing JUDAIC 344: Film and Society in Israel SCH-MGMT 689: Organizational Planning
Commonwealth College JUDAIC 354: Jewish Theatre and Film SCH-MGMT 797VL: Value Investing
HONORS 191E: Emerging Scholars Seminar JUDAIC 390: Popular Cultures Israel & Palestine Service Learning
HONORS 292D: American Diversity Kinesiology SRVCLRNG 393: Community Service Learning
HONORS 292S: Engaging with the Community KIN 100: Introduction to Kinesiology Sociology
HONORS 292T: America - Turn of the Century Landscape Architecture SOCIOL 197L: Latin American Society
HONORS 391: History of the Book & Printing LANDARCH 591 Sustainable Green Infrastructure SOCIOL 291L: Latin American Societies
HONORS 391D: The Beats: On the Road & Howl ENVIRDES 291: Seminar - Environmental Design Spanish
HONORS 392X: Visions Revisions Non-fiction Languages, Literature, & Culture SPANISH 320: Literary Currents - Spain
HONORS 499C: Violence Against Indigenous SPANISH 313: Junior Year Writing SPANISH 797: Mexico
HONORS 499C: American Indians & Tribes Legal Studies Sport Management
Communication LEGAL 397L: Citizenship - Histories of Race SPORTMGT 635: Sport & The Law
COMM 397: International Film Stardom LEGAL 397M: Law, Society and Islam SPORTMGT 694: Prof. Development Sports
COMM 497F: Spanish-language Media & Latina LEGAL 397N: Law and Public Policy Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Comparative Literature LEGAL 397P: Makin'it and Fakin'it: Legal Fictions STOCKSCH 290U: Urban Agriculture
COMP-LIT 335: Comic Art in North America LEGAL 450: Legal Research and Writing STOCKSCH 297: Ethnobotany of the Renaissance
COMP-LIT 387H: Myths of the Feminine LEGAL 491W: Muslim Women and the Law STOCKSCH 397: Student Farm Management
COMP-LIT 393E: The Graphic Novel LEGAL 497K: Human Trafficking Theater
Economics Marketing Theater 130: Contemporary Playwrights of Color
ECON 367: Post-Independence Africa MARKETNG 422: Promotional Strategy University Interdepartmental
ECON 397: Agricultural Change & Globalization
MARKETNG 437: International Marketing UNIVRSTY 197PSIS1 Healthy Foods
MARKETNG 491J: Tools for Professionals University without Walls
EDUC 617: Law and Higher Education Mechanical & Industrial Engineering UWW 397A - Sustainable Entrepreneurship
EDUC 618: Law for School Leaders Engineering 113: Intro to Mech. & Ind. Engineering  UWW 397P - Permaculture Design
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