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Data Management

Library Resources

Resources available through the Library to help you stay organized.

Data Tools

Grant Reviewer's Guide

Interested in knowing what guidance is provided for folks reviewing your data management plan? Check out Johns Hopkins' Grant Reviewer's Guide!

Project Management

3rd Party Providers

While 3rd party providers often offer simple or intuitive user interfaces, many are not a secure or private place to store your data. Resources like DropBox and Google Drive both open up your data to third parties, and are often not robustly encrypted or otherwise secured. These companies are not transparent in how they will store your data, or who will have access to it. If there servers are located in different countries, there may be legal risks in accessing or retrieving your data, as well.

This becomes exorbitantly more important when you are working with sensitive data, human subjects, and/or locations of endangered species.


Version control helps you manage changes to your files over time.

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IT Resources

These resources are available at UMass Amherst from our IT Department!

Workflow Managers

Personal Data & Anonymization

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