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Manage citations and create formatted bibliographies in various output styles (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago).


Creating Bibliographies

1. First, Log into RefWorks

2. Choose Create Bibliography from the top of the screen

3. On the screen that appears, choose the References you want
To Choose a folder, click the link to that folder from the right side of the screen

4. Choose the output style (MLA, Chicago, and APA are preloaded) you need for your bibliography
To use another style
click Manage Output Styles
Next, click the output style you need (it will highlight)
Make it active by clicking the green arrow to move the style to your favorites list
(This makes it accessible from the Bibliography menu)
Close the Output Style Manager

5. Next, click the file type (HTML, RTF, Word for Windows and Mac, and Open Office are available) for your Bibliography
Click Create Bibliography and your bibliography will be created
Your bibliography can be pasted into compatible programs.

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