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Manage citations and create formatted bibliographies in various output styles (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago).

Sharing Folders

RefShare allows RefWorks folders to be shared with others through a persistent link, facilitating collaborative research; whether or not they are members of the UMass community. 

To access RefShare:

first log into RefWorks

then click on the tab for Organize and Share.

To Share a folder:

click the icon  to the right of the folder you want to share

Click “limitations” to set how and what visitors can do with your citations

This allows you to set what visitors can do with your citations, e.g. can they export them, add comments, print them, etc. 

Add your email on this page as the system will not allow you to share a folder without it 

Click “Save,” and your selected folder of citations is shared with others.

RefWorks Help

Need help with RefWorks:

RefWorks YouTube Channel

Schedule an appointment with a UMass Amherst Librarian

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