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Japanese 499C: The Samurai

This library guide is for Professor Bargen's seminar on the Samurai for the Commonwealth Honors College

Watching Theatrical Performances

UMass has a fairly rich collection of Noh and Kabuki performances on DVD. Also a little bit of bunraku.

You can find them by searching for particular titles in the library catalog. 

Another way to go is to do an Advanced Search

subject keywords = No    OR  kabuki 

format = DVDs

location = UM Reserves, Microforms, Media 

Samurai Films @ UMass

We have a growing collection of samurai films at UMass. Most, but not all, have English subtitles and are Region 1 discs. A few exceptions have not been released in the North American market and were acquired from Japan. These are Region 2 discs and need to be played on a multi-region player or use special software on a computer. Ask at the Media desk if you are unsure what to do.

Here is some background reading called "Samurai Cinema 101" from Midnight Eye. 

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