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Growing healthier communities based on sustainable energy use, agricultural production, building design, economic development and more.

Cohort 2013-2014

Cohort 2015-2016

  • Carolina Aragon (Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning)
    Course: Public Space Design Plus
    Liaison Librarian: Madeleine Charney

  • Kiran Asher (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies)
    Course: Sustainable Development, Women, and Gender
    Liaison Librarian: Beth Lang

  • Christine Crago (Resource Economics)
    Course: Implementing Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Today’s Economy
    Liaison Librarian: Mike Davis

  • Ho Sung Kim (Building and Construction Technology)
    Course: Solar Energy Systems and Building Design
    Liaison Librarian: Naka Ishii

  • Molly Lehman (Engineering)
    Course: Junior Year Writing, Engineering
    Liaison Librarians: Paulina Borrego and Maxine Schmidt

  • Elsa Petit (Stockbridge School of Agriculture)
    Course: Viticulture
    Liaison Librarian: Madeleine Charney

  • Bogdan Prokopovych (Isenberg School of Management)
    Course: Foundations of Sustainable Enterprise class (MANAGMNT 366)
    Liaison Librarian: Mike Davis

  • Barbara Roche (Journalism)
    Course: Introduction to Multimedia Reporting
    Liaison Librarian: Jim Kelly

  • Evan Ross (College of Natural Science)
    Course: Junior Year Writing, College of Natural Science
    Liaison Librarian: Naka Ishii


Preparing Climate Leaders: One Syllabus at a Time

The Sustainability Curriculum Initiative supports teaching faculty interested in revising existing courses to include or augment sustainability topics,  amplifying the use of library resources and services, and collaborating with subject librarians.

Sustainability plays an increasingly prominent role in the curriculum at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In essence, sustainability courses address interconnections between economy, society, and environment.  To foster the connections, the University Libraries and the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development are offering a third round of this faculty incentive program for courses taught in fall 2015 and spring 2016.

We invite you to engage in this competitive grant process that will award $1,000 to Faculty Fellows who submit successful proposals outlining efforts to adopt a new curricular strategy.

Information Session - Power Point

From the April 7, 2015 Information Session.

Cohort 2014-2015

  • Erin Baker
    Course: Engin 113 (Introduction to Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
    Fall 2014
    Liaison Librarian: Maxine Schmidt

  • Aviva Ben Ur
    Course: Judaic 326 (Sustainability in Comparative Religious Perspective)
    Fall 2014
    Liaison Librarian: Peter Stern

  • Amanda Brown
    Course: STOCKSCH 398E and 498E (Student Farming Enterprise)
    Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.
    Liaison Librarian: Naka Ishii

  • Eleni Christofa
    Course: CEE 597S/697G (Transportation Sustainability)
    Spring 2015
    Liaison Librarian: Maxine Schmidt

  • Lisa DePiano
    Course: Stockbridge 197P (Introduction to Permaculture)
    Fall 2014
    Liaison Librarian: Naka Ishii

  • Lena Fletcher
    Course: Stockbridge (Sustainable Living)
    Spring 2015
    Liaison Librarian: Naka Ishii

  • Bjorn Harald Nordtveit
    Course: EDUC 229-01 (International Education)
    Fall 2014
    Liaison Librarian: Steve McGinty

  • Ellen Pader
    Course: Environmental Design/Regional Planning 577 (Urban Policies)
    Fall 2014
    Liaison Librarian: Madeleine Charney

  • Tim Randhir
    Course: NRC 578 (Watershed Science and Management)
    Spring 2015
    Liaison Librarian: Naka Ishii

  • Anna Smith
    Course: UWW 310 (Experiential Reflections of the Technological World)
    Fall 2014
    Liaison Librarian: Dave Mac Court
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