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Public Policy and Administration

Use this guide to find information and research on topics in the field of public policy and administration


Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Why use library resources?  Why not just use Google or Google Scholar?
    • Not everything is in Google Scholar!  Proprietary information not included.  Library purchases resources.
    • Google, and even Google Scholar, is a mishmash, and sometimes you need more specificity.
  • Why talk to a librarian?  Why not just use Google?
    • Librarians know the resources better than you.
    • Librarians know how to search better than you.
    • Librarians are here to teach you how to research -- in classes and individually.  And to help you when you get stuck.
  • Personal librarian -- Your liaison(s).  Two subject librarians for CPPA -- Laura & Barbara.  Other subject librarians as appropriate -- Madeleine (sustainability), Naka (ag), Jim (business), etc.  Subject research guides will include the subject librarian; also, on library website > RESEARCH > SUBJECT LIBRARIANS. 

Library Website (10 minutes, demo)

  • Ask a Librarian
  • Subject pages > individual topics, subject librarians
  • Public Policy page
    • individual tabs on public policy page

Academic Search Premier (15 minutes with hands-on)

  • Library website > Subject Guides > Public Policy & Admin > HOME > Find Articles Quick Start > Academic Search Premier
    • alternate : ARTICLES > COMPLETE LIST > Academic Search Premier
  • DEMO
    • subject searching : fracking (no specification) ... fracking (keyword) ...
    • LIMIT > Subject thesaurus term >  "hydraulic fracturing" (subject)
    • limit "and environment* or pollution"
    • limit BY DATE
    • limit by PEER REVIEWED
    • UM Link button
    • "wind power or wind turbines and Massachusetts"

Lexis/Westlaw (15 minutes with hands-on)

  • library website > subject guides > public policy guide > LEGAL information > Law Reviews > Westlaw
  • Westlaw > TAB TO LAW
  • DEMO
    • "net neutrality" in subject
    • Advanced search not Basic search
    • SELECT DATABASE > Journals & Law Reviews ... SELECT A STATE > ALL
    • NOTICE -- too many!  go back and change to "net neutrality"

RefWorks (10 minutes with hands-on; create accounts)

  • what is it -- citation management software.  Convert stored citations to any citation format you choose.  Automatically generate bibliographies.  Avoid PLAGIARISM.
    • Library website  > RESEARCH > RefWorks
    • "New to RefWorks? SIGN UP for an individual account"
  • DEMO DirectExport - When you're searching in a system, you can save your search results & import them directly into RefWorks. 
    • select results in a search [in Academic Search Premier, click the "folder" icon]
    • export/save > select RefWorks ... [in Academic Search Premier, view the "folder"; then "export"; then "Direct Export to RefWorks"] CONTINUE
    • If you're already logged in you're done.  If you're not logged in a login window will pop up.
    • View Last Imported in RefWorks will show you results
  • organizing references : Set up folders; drag & drop results into folders

Books (10 minutes with hands-on; sign up for ILL)

  • Five College catalog - You can go there & borrow
  • DEMO WorldCat
    • medical marijuana as keyword
    • find subject heading -- marijuana-therapeutic aspects-United States or marijuana -- therapeutic use
    • NOTICE -- numbers change greatly from "keyword" to "subject heading"
    • NOTICE -- LIMITS -- articles or books or videos ... 
    • library website > SERVICES > Interlibrary Loan
    • your ID ... on the back ... "Libr." number underneath barcode

Advanced Search Tips

  1. different systems have different ways of offering "advanced searching"
  2. keywords versus subject headings.  Synonyms are vital to use anyway.
  3. quote marks to indicate phrases
  4. parentheses, AND, OR, and NOT to indicate relationships of concepts
  5. "limits" -- often by date or type of material or language
  6. on-screen :: look for HELP, "ADVANCED SEARCH"
  7. ask experienced users -- especially librarians

Library Tour (15 minutes)

  • learning commons - ref desk, librarian offices (Barbara Morgan), IT help, printing, writing center, accessibility ...
    • carrel reservation process
  • 24/25 SCUA
  • 23 - BEST VIEW
  • 19th floor - Laura Quilter & Scholarly Communication. Negotiating your author agreements!  Copyright help!
  • 8 & 9 - quiet study
  • 5 - law materials
  • 3 - digital media lab
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