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Chinese Bibliography

This is a guide for the students in Chinese 570, who are learning about Chinese Bibliography and Research Methods

Taiwan - Dissertations

China - Dissertations

Hong Kong - Dissertations

Theses at UMass

When you want to see what kinds of topics students have written about for their master's theses, the easiest way is to check the library catalog. Browse by subject Theses -- Chinese -- Masters. This will give you the list beginning with the most recent ones. A paper copy of the older ones is available on the 20th floor, but they are not easily browsable. You will need the call number to find them. 

In the past few years, students have been submitting electronic copies instead. Most students give open access rights, but some limit access to on-campus viewing only. Here is the link to the electronic collection of master's theses by students in the Chinese program.

North American Theses & Dissertations

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