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VT204 Veterinary Microbiology


VT204 Veterinary Microbiology

Format for Group Research Project Oral Presentation

  • Each group will choose a general topic
  • Each member of the group will research her/his section of the group topic, write a PowerPoint presentation, and hand in a hard copy of their presentation on the day of presentations
  • Members of each group will combine their presentations in a single PowerPoint file and remember to identify your respective sections by having a slide identifying each presenter’s section of the presentation
  • Each member of a group must have her/his own “References” Slide
  • Each presenter will have 6 to 7 minutes to present their section
  • At the end of each group presentation, there will be questions and comments directed to the whole group or to individual presenters
  • Use the information that was provided during the presentation at the library on how to locate resources for a research project and on the presentation that was given on how to avoid plagiarism by properly citing your references and having a References  (or Works Cited) page at the end of your presentation
  • You must use at least two databases when conducting a literature search of your topic
  • You must use at least three sources in your presentation

*Use the feedback you received from your unknown presentations in lab to help improve your oral presentation skills