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JYW: Writing in Engineering

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Plan for the day

Types of Information 

Choosing a Topic

  • Brainstorming:
    - Explore current engineering topics in IEEE Spectrum Magazine or MIT Technology Review

    - Research what your professors are working on (Faculty research pages)
    - Explore topics in a general online encyclopedia such as Access Science
    - Explore a more discilpine specifc topic using the online encyclopedias

    - Browse issues and topics in the resource GreenR
    - Use Google to explore topics

Accessing Information

  • Resource (S.Lucchesi - Mich Tech) - Developing a Search Strategy

As you search, make note of the various keywords encountered to describe aspects of your topic.

Citing Information

Assessment of the Day

Science Encyclopedias - Scaffolding to what you need to know

Science Encyclopedias are a great resource for gathering background information.  They act as good primers and are more authorative than Wikipedia.

Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology Comprehensive articles on topics in chemistry and chemical engineering, with bibliographies.

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry  Covers the science and technology of industrial chemistry.

Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry  Covers the chemistry of the compounds and processes that constitute living organisms.

Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology  Chemical biology is a cross-disciplinary science at the interface of chemistry, biology, and medicine emphasizing rigorous application of the principles, tools, and language of chemistry to important topics in biology.

Encyclopedia of Electrical & Electronics Engineering The ideal starting point for research projects, whether addressing basic questions in power systems and communications, or learning advanced applications in neural networks and robotics.

Encyclopedia of Polymer Science & Technology  Providing information about polymers, plastics, fibers, biomaterials, elastomers, and polymerization processes.


Refworks - a citation manager to keep track of your citations and make a bibliography.

Write your paper in a document such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs and link up with your citations in RefWorks to make in-text citations.

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