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JYW: Writing in Engineering

Create organized research

Refworks is a tool that can be used to keep your citations and create a bibliography in many citation styles.

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To create a login click on "Create account."


Learn more about what Refworks can do for you. 

Doing a group project?  Share folders in Refworks to make group work easier. 

Use the Refworks Write-N-Cite plug-in to write your paper, insert references, and create a bibliography at the end of the paper.

JYW Engineering

Choosing a Topic

  • Explore current engineering topics in IEEE Spectrum Magazine or MIT Technology Review
  • Research what your professors are working on (Faculty research pages)
  • Use Google to explore topics
  • Browse issues and topics in the resource GreenR
  • Explore topics in a general online encyclopedia such as Access Science
  • Explore a more discipline specific topic using the online encyclopedias listed below.

Types of Information

Accessing Scholarly Information

As you search, make note of the various keywords encountered to describe aspects of your topic.

If you are not finding what you need, put in an InterLibrary Loan Request for the item.
To find information specific to a certain discipline, search the Database by Subject section.
To find a certain type of information, search the Database by Format section.

Scaffolding to What You Need to Know - Encyclopedias are a great resource for gathering background information.  They act as good primers and are more authoritative than Wikipedia.


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